You local Homebrew shop

Dressing up wine bottles and using a vacuum to transfer wine, beer or mash

Test the ABV of your wine even if 

​you forgot to take a hydrometer reading

Our many wine kits and an explanation of each

We made a Pinot Grigio wine from a wine kit in the store. Here's how we did it.

Let's make a Green Apple Delight

​wine in our fastferment.

Let's make some apple, kiwi, strawberry

wine from concentrates.

Step-by-step guide to stabilizing, clarifying and de-gasing wine in a fastferment.

We made a peach wine from a wine kit in our fastfermenter. A good step-by-step guide

Testing the ABV of finished wines

We bottled the cranberry wine from the fasfermenter. See how we did it here.

We take you step-by-step through making wine from frozen concentrates. A great $$$ saver and an easy process to follow.